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The timing of delivery and the development of a work of translation can vary depending on its size. Under normal circumstances we always guarantee delivery times to be agreed with the customer. The works are translated compounds taking into account the context and their specific treatment.

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With years of experience and job satisfaction, has made directed translation offering services to the media, publishing, the giornalisno. Italian native speaker ensures absolute reliability and strict adherence to agreed deadlines. High quality translation work and excellent flexibility in the composition of specialized texts.

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The quality of the translations offered and the professionalism is guaranteed thanks to strict control procedures, validation and evaluation of translated materials, enabling us to maintain an accurate view of the level of service and customer satisfaction.

Professional and scientific translations

The proposed timetable for the delivery of professional translations vary depending on the amount, by the language and thematic material to be translated. Normally, for work on the technical or large size, the time required for completion of the translation process is occupied by a phase of review. In accordance with the customer, face special needs, you may agree or urgent accelerated delivery times.
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